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Questions? - and how to ask them

To gain information about your customers, prospects and referrals you need to do two things. One is to LISTEN and the other is to ask the right questions.

Is there anything else I need to know?. . .

is a CLOSED question. It is easiest to answer with a YES or a NO. Questions that usually can be answered with a simple yes or no are known as closed questions. They often begin with words like:

They are used to test, qualify or clarify.

"Are all your documents produced on a computer?"

"Have you considered having your newsletter in full colour?"

What questions should I ask?

If you are gathering information - an OPEN question. Open questions need a more thoughtful response. They often begin with:

They are used to get the client talking, gather information, expand on information and open up a conversation.

"How would introducing colour help?"

"What do you want to change?"

Is there anything else you need to know?